A Family Tradition

Karlhaus is engaged in the Development and Construction of Real Estate Projects by contracting and managing a network of sub-contractors using a best-of-breed approach. Karlhaus carries on a heritage of over 45 years since the original family business was founded.

In 1960, Oficina Tecnica Bravo Conde was founded by Architect Carlos Bravo Sr. to develop high rise condominiums. By the 80’s, the firm had designed and built thousands of residential and commercial condominium units in the toughest markets of the world and built a reputation for innovative architecture. Today, the same intellectual capital of the original Oficina Tecnica is with Karlhaus.

Under the leadership of the second generation, a team of technology savvy and seasoned veterans of several ventures in Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Management Consulting with Carlos E. Bravo Jr. at the helm, are taking Karlhaus to new horizons. Karlhaus is committed to providing exceptional value and quality in buildings that fit the lifestyles of today and the future. With this uncompromising commitment, Karlhaus is building on the family tradition.

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