Carlos E. Bravo Jr.

Mr. Bravo has a successful track record of over 22 years in Business as a high-tech entrepreneur. After his “semi-retirement” at the age of 39, he became active as a private investor and advisor of strategy, public policy and corporate governance to companies ranging from real-estate development to web-based service providers.

He has served on the Boards of Directors of several private and public corporations as well as public policy organizations. He currently serves on the Boards of Embry Riddle University, EagleNet Ventures, and Karlhaus Development as well as on the Executive Advisory Board of the Daytona Beach International Airport Partnership and the Embry Riddle Technology Research Park. He has been interviewed and featured by CNN, the BBC of London, The Travel Channel, The Associated Press, and multiple national and international magazines.

Mr. Bravo was previously an Executive Officer and one of the original Shareholders of USinternetworking Inc. after leading the merger that built the company. USi is the pioneer in delivering web-enabled business process functionality to enterprise customers worldwide through a global network of Data Centers. During Mr. Bravo’s tenure, USi executed a Very Successful IPO in 1999 that raised in excess of $150 million. By the year 2000 USi had grown to over 1,200 employees and its market value exceeded 6 Billion dollars.

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